Support Services

Your one-stop solutions provider for after-sales and technical support

Support Services


Our team of specialists comprises of industry professionals and experts, with each individual possessing a unique set of skills, enabling us to handle?many different types of venues as well as requirements.


Over the years, we have provided countless clients with many creative solutions. From bars to restaurants, clubs to concerts and more – we turn ideas into reality.

Installation & Upgrade

Aside from our main array of services covering the front end of entertainment, we also provide installation and upgrade of clients’ equipments to ensure consistent peak performance.

Our inventory comprising of many different brands and types of hardware from speakers to lights and others, we have it all covered so you can sit back and relax.


Like how people would visit doctors routinely to stay healthy – regular checkups on equipments are required to ensure smooth performance while keeping downtime to a minimum.

We go above and beyond to provide fuss-free maintenance service for clients who may prefer to retain their existing installations.

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