"I'm all about synergy"

- Sha Hussain, Founder of Executive Productions

The Founder's Story

“It all started from my passion for music and the love of entertaining people. In the last two decades, it’s been the most exciting times of my life as a DJ, Musician, an emcee, on top of working behind the scenes. Throughout the years, I have understood the importance of assembling a strong production team. Combining my experiences and knowledge in both back and front stage, I have been providing quality entertainment and production to clubs, 5 star hotels, Event companies as well as many other renowned establishments.

Since early 1995, I have been fortunate enough to gain experience and skills from working with professional crews rigging stages, sound calibration, live band setups. Over the years, this led me to work on some of the most iconic events as well as renowned establishments across the world.

Not only this journey had been an amazing experience, it ultimately brought me to create the event production company, Executive Productions, in 2009.

Working with some of the finest with each specializing in their respective fields, I aim to not only support event managements and companies, but also create and deliver top notch entertainment. Today we have over 50 talented musicians , DJs , Master of Ceremonies, Sound, Lights, Visuals many more. Most importantly, with our knowledge and creativity, we combine both Production and Entertainment to deliver the perfect show!

Aside from my current engagements, I am all about synergy – exploring new ideas, collaborating with talents around the world, in bid to develop a better future in the entertainment industry. Feel free to have a chat over coffee with me regardless if you are an aspiring individual, professional entertainer, business owner, or an events company!”


Sha Hussain

CEO & Founder