The Executive Team

Some may have an army of workers, but we only need a team of specialists

The Team


Sha Hussain


Best known for his great sense of humour, professionalism, and vast experience in several industries.

He is the man with the plan.


Wesley Gunter

Public Relations Director

Great smile, greater ideas. He doesn’t give excuses, but effective solutions customised to fit every client’s needs everywhere he goes.


Adri Bellamy

Production Director

Adri primarily specialises in handling a large variety of shows from company dinner and dance to large-scale event production. With sincerity as part of his core values, he maintains a happy working relationship with clients, as well as good track record in delivering his best around the world.


Julianna Costa

Entertainment Director

Julianne Costa is a singer and songwriter originating from Los Angeles, California. She reached new heights in her successful career as an entertainer, touring across Asia, the Middle East, and the USA, captivating audiences regardless of locations, cultures, age groups or genres. This led her to work with several outlets including MTV USA and China, FashionTV, IMAX 3D, ABC Studios Hollywood, and Miramax Records, just to name a few. With her extensive knowledge and rich experience ranging from Film, Televison, Concerts, Session Work to International Performances, Julianne prides herself on creating only the best experiences through live performances around the world.